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A gyroplane is an aircraft that receives the lift it needs for flying from a rotating wing. There is no power transmission and flight is possible thanks to a rotor powered by the engine that supplies the force of traction.


Magni Gyro srl produces a range of gyroplanes known worldwide for being reliable, safe, stable and of high quality.
Magni’s gyroplanes range is composed by:

  • M14 Scout two partially enclosed seats 1+1
  • M16 Tandem Trainer two partially enclosed seats, dual control system for training
  • M22 Voyager two seat suitable for long flights
  • M24 Orion Fully enclosed, side by side two seat, dual control model.

The Magni Gyro Company, born from Vittorio Magni’s deep knowledge and passion for rotating wing systems, now plays a very important role in the world of gyros with well-known products offering the highest reliability and safety.

Magni’s gyroplanes are exported worldwide and are used both for sport recreational flight and for more specific and demanding uses. Because of the quality technical and building characteristics, these gyros are versatile, easy to use and operate at a low-cost.

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