Shock Wheel Beringer: now available on Magni gyroplanes!

The M24 Orion is the first gyrocopter to be fitted with the new Beringer system!

MagniGyro - Makers of Innovation, could not miss the opportunity to test the new Shock Wheel on the top of the range M24 Orion. Thanks to the support of Beringer, MagniGyro's official supplier of aeronautical quality braking systems and wheels, the first Orion equipped with the new shock absorbing system flies today. Presented in static form at Aero2019, the Shock Wheels have attracted the interest of enthusiasts and now pilot tests can provide the first positive impressions.

"The take-off on rough runways is very comfortable and the shock-absorbing effect in even "heavy" landings is considerably better than that obtained with larger "Country" tyres; no contraindications have been detected".

With the Shock Wheel Beringer installed on MagniGyro gyroplanes, the increase in aerodynamic resistance is insignificant thanks also to the possibility of keeping the mudguards installed. The weight increase is also reduced compared to the "country" version, of which only the front wheel and the oversize fork are retained in order to guarantee the correct trim during the take-off run.

MagniGyro Beringer, a combination of class and quality!

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