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M24 Orion - side-by-side two seat.

According to the mythology, Orion was the most handsome and imposing of the men and it is from this myth that the M24 takes its name and position within the whole Magni Gyro production.

The M24 Orion is a fully enclosed, side-by-side two seat, dual control model specially designed for those who do not want to go without comfort while having fun.



The Magni M24 is the first enclosed 2-seat side-by-side factory built gyroplane fully approved under BCAR Section T, the UK CAA’s approval standard for gyroplanes. Further certifications and homologations have been obtained in other countries.

The external lines of the fuselage are perfectly within the frame of the Magni Gyro style. This design, its inside arrangement and the quality of the materials chosen for the windscreen and for the side windows offer an tremendous panoramic field of vision.
The cabin layout reflects the company policy and its precise choices; the use of valuable materials and elegant chromatic combinations are just examples of the meticulous care in developing each feature. The black instrument panel gives a dynamic contrast of colour. It increases the perception of the inner space and grants a perfect backdrop to the fitted equipment and instruments that are easily readable.

The M24 Orion is equipped with two baggage compartments. One is placed inside the cockpit, “hidden” under the right seat cushion while the second, placed outside, is at the left side of the gyroplane. The second one allows an optical check of fuel level.
The fuel tank capacity is 82 lt, corresponding to four hours of flight at a cruise speed of about 120-140km/h.

The M24 Orion gyroplane is perfect on cold winter days and when the snow falls! Thanks to the optional application of a set of skis specially designed and easy to install, Orion takes off and lands on any snowy surface.


Chrome-alloy aeronautical 4130 steel, tig welded.

Carbon fuselage – undercarriage, wheel pants and rudder pedals. Padded seats.
Integral 82 lt fuel tank manufactured in epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass.

Rotor rev counter, altimeter, air-speed indicator, vertical compass, Flydat and fuel level gauge.

Turbo Rotax 914, 115 Hp - 4 cylinders, 4-stroke, water-cooled, with electric starter and mechanical pre-rotator.

Three-bladed propeller, carbon fibre with ground adjustable pitch.

Two-bladed, composite materials manufactured by Magni Gyro, 28 ft. diameter.

Dual. Electric Trim and PTT.

Credits M.W.N.